Grateful For A Busy Week – A Celebrate The Small Things Post

Avalon Media: Gratitude For A Busy Life

This week has been incredibly busy, and I am loving it! I want to share with you a few things that happened, and that are in the plans so you can follow me along, and not only do I get to express to you how grateful I am to have you as a reader, but maybe I can give you the inspiration to do what others have given me the inspiration to do. Follow my dream. Go for it. It’s incredibly busy but a lot of fun!

1. I am grateful for the fact that my book Mixing Spices: A Flavorful Guide To Creating Awesome Herb And Spice Mixes
is available for pre-order now! It will be released on April 2nd, and I am totally excited to present it to you.

2. I am also grateful that the month of running #MarWritingChallenge has been awesome. What a wonderful group of people those writers are, I am honored to be a part of them. Next month, one of our own Sara Whitford, who has just published her book, which is in the top 10 on Amazon called  The Smuggler’s Gambit (Adam Fletcher Series Book 1)(buy it now!)
I am so proud of her – will be taking over as the head cheerleader. The month of April will be time for a different set of challenge, which I will talk about in the next point.

3. I am excited and grateful to have a theme for the A to Z challenge, and guess what, at the end of the challenge (April 30th), I will be given away a pdf of the entire series to anyone who signs up for my email list. In honor of my books theme, I am writing a  Quick  A to Z Guide to Herbs And Spices. So if you want a copy end of April, leave me your email here or in the comment section below.

4. I am so very grateful for the following news: I have three more books that are almost done, waiting to be released! One is a Flash Fiction collection “Flashes of Light”, which is in the final editing phase, and two other Kindle books, that are in the same series as the book I mentioned above. One is about creating your own dog food ( I mentioned last week that I have special care dogs, and I cook for them, so I am sharing my recipes), and about making tea blends – I just love teas! Stay tuned for exact publishing dates!

Enough about myself, what was your week like? I hope you had a lot to celebrate!



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8 thoughts on “Grateful For A Busy Week – A Celebrate The Small Things Post

  1. So much wonderful news! Even your blog is different. Congrats on the imminent release of your book! Thanks for the generous offer to give away your A-Z collection at the end of April. The A-Z is almost here – only a few days away! Good luck with the challenge and have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. What a busy woman you are! I love herbs, too. The sowing season has just begun here, so my so-called office space is currently being shared with pots of basil, coriander (that’s cilantro) and savory, alongside tomatoes, leeks, beans and kale. The room smells of moist compost: it’s lovely.

    • ah, how wonderful! One of the things I am looking forward to once we moved is gardening again. I have my own space here, but it is difficult in our condo plot to keep the neighbors kids and dogs out, so I gave up, temporarily. thank you so much for stopping by!

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