4 thoughts on “Four Quick Writing Tips

  1. To the first tip I’d add that any online cloud space like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud can act as an instant backup space when the folders of the WIP are inside their special folders that update automatically (I assume it’s the same for both Windows and Mac).

    This is because in some cases the numbers and sizes of the text files as well as any research files can be considerable and emailing can be difficult.

    Or you can be backup paranoid like me and backing up on both the cloud and on a portable hard drive and backup the portable hard drive on another portable hard drive. Okay admittedly the portable hard drive also has a back-in-time backup which is just lovely (I am a Windows user).

  2. Oh did I mention how spot on all four tips are and having applied all four personally for my work I can vouch for their validity? 😀

    Brilliant post Claudia, thanks.

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