Tribute To A Legend – Leonard Nimoy

Tribute To A Legend  – A Haiku

inspired by your way
my heart aches now that you’re gone
live long and prosper


This is how I choose to remember the great Leonard Nimoy


In his own words:


I have known despair
I value hope

I have tasted frustration
I value fulfillment

I have been lonely
I value love

Leonard Nimoy

You will be missed!

11 thoughts on “Tribute To A Legend – Leonard Nimoy

    • he was my favorite of all of the Star Trek actors, and I loved him in Fringe, it was so nice to see him there. His poetry is full of soul, and though I had never a chance to go to one of his exhibitions, I saw his talent and light in that as well. Thank you Andy, for stopping by, and helping me pay respect to a great man

  1. What a lovely poem. I’m heartbroken he won’t be with us anymore – but luckily he’ll always be with us in his shows, films, and body of work.

  2. He certainly will be missed. Way back when watching the original Star Trek, he was one of my favorite characters. I also learned (today) that one of his acting roles was as Sherlock Holmes. I never saw that, but I can picture him as a fitting Sherlock.

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