Book Review: Change Your Mind – Heal Your Body

Book Review: Change Your Mind - Heal Your Body

Title: Change Your Mind – Heal Your Body
Author: Anna Parkinson
Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited
Release Date: May 1st, 2014

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

While some people can learn from the mere telling of another ones healing journey, or find at least comfort within the pages of a book that tells one how the Author overcame the struggle of disease, I am not one of them. When looking for a self-help book, may it be on healing or any other area of life, I prefer to be given a run down of the facts that they learned from their journey, of course with a few anecdotes, but not the other way around. In order for a self-help book to be helpful beyond the giving of hope, it has to be above all practical.
This book fails this aspect completely.
A re-telling of ones healing journey to the fullest detail, as Anna Parkinson has done in this book is actually detrimental to her health, as it rather focuses on the aspects of what was wrong and the struggle of finding a solution, rather than focusing on the solution, which the side note of struggle. We get it. It is hard to over come a disease, as millions of others has discovered. But in order to make that struggle value is to share the lessons learned, not the struggle many of us share.
To me, this is not a self-help book but a memoir of a strong person who wants to tell her story of triumph, and should be marketed as such. If marketed as a self-help book, this volume does not help the person reading it, to overcome their personal struggle.
I would not recommend it as such.

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