Book Review: Dark Child by Adina West

Dark Child - A Book Review

Title: Dark Child
Author: Adina West
Publisher: Pac Macmilan
Publication Date: June 1st 2013
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

“Lately things have been getting weird for pathology technician Kat Chanter. She’s been craving raw meat, and having dreams so realistic they’re scary. When she accepts a job offer from the prestigious Hema Castus Research Institute, she hopes she’ll have the chance to discover what’s wrong with her, but instead, her move to New York thrusts her headlong into a treacherous hidden world, where the wrong move could be fatal . . .”

Promised to fans of The Mortal Instrument Series, as a book worthy in comparison, Dark Child begins to deliver that promise at first, placing its main character Kat Chanter into a intriguing story of self-discovery, and realization that nothing she believed to be true indeed is.
Introducing us to a series with major potential, the pacing of the story begins as it should, not too fast, and not too slow, making the reader fall in love with the character, and her story. But after a little more than a third of the book, it begins to feel rushed, and while the story is good, solid and interesting, it does not take its time as much as it in my opinion should.
I am a fan of fast paced books, but there is such a thing as trying to squeeze much into a small space. Right at the end, it regains its rhythm and allows the reader to enjoy the story once more to its potential.
Overall a good book, that could have with some minor changes been a very good book. I am looking forward to reading more from Adina West, sensing that once she finds her pace and strategy, even better novels from her will come our way soon.

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