Book Review: Manifest Moment to Moment

Manifest Moment To Moment: Book Review

Title: Manifest Moment to Moment
Author: Tejpal, Carrol Mclaughlin
Publisher: Hay House
Publishing Date: June 5th 2014
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
A transcending, spiritual Self-help book, that leaves the reader with a sense of wonder, they might have lost.
Manifest Moment to Moment is of course on of many books about the subject of Manifestation. The tricky part of this path of manifestation is to find the book that resonates with your inner voice, and therefore unlocks something within you, that allows you finally to hear, what is essentially the same message, in the package just for you.
After having read and listened to many speakers and writers on the subject, that has become my conclusion. While the core message is the same, the wording and delivery is what will bring forth in the individual what is needed to finally “get it”.
For those who are spiritually (but not religiously – meaning not bound by dogma) minded, this book is the resonating factor. With the feel of listening to a highly evolved person of the process, it speaks to those who seek the inner enlightenment, while still wanting to manifest abundance, but not only abundance. While I am an action oriented person, a more inward focused individual will feel the truth in these words, as I have felt some of the same draw, even if not as strong as others might.
Laced with exercises, explanations and practical showing of how these principles bring forth the opening needed to manifest, this book is a pleasant and comforting read.
If you are looking for a kick in the rear, you won’t find it, but if you are interested in genuine, gentle guidance, this book is exactly what you are looking for.

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Manifest Moment to Moment

    • Thank you! That depends on the subject matter and if I have a lot of fiction on my desk or non-fiction. About four to five books a week for review on average. Have you signed up for NetGalley yet? They are looking for book reviewers to review a variety of books, from non-fiction to novels. It’s how I got started. Hugs! (If you do not speed read, I highly recommend that you pick up a course – go to Scribd, – which is a wonderful source to find so many books, its like Netflix for books – they have quite a few speed reading books that are great) Good luck!

      • that depends on the publisher – each book listing has an Archived by date – some of them say, that the date is not set, so those you can take your time with. But there is a counter when you download a book – from that point on you have 60 Days to read it. Plenty of time. I have a few books on my shelf right now, that are not going to be published until fall, of course those I can take my time with. Hope this helps

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