Book Review: The Hypothyroidism Handbook

Book Review: The Hypothyroidism Handbook

Title: The Hypothyroidism Handbook

Author: Lindsey P.

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Rating: 1/5

Usually I check the credentials of anyone who writes a book about any disease, with the exceptions of books that speak only about a personal story of overcoming such illness. Lack of credentials would then keep me from reading the book, but out of some reason, I broke my own rules with this one. And the result was as expected.

This book is filled with information that is contradictory, filled with the standard answers that are currently used to cure anything (go gluten free!?), and has some information that is just plain wrong, all presented by a woman who had Thyroid cancer. Mind you, she is not speaking off thyroid cancer in this book, rather Hypothyroidism, which is a completely different disease. Yet, her tone speaks of authority on a subject matter she knows nothing about, and which in turn can lead to serious complications for the person (like me) who actually have the disease.

She mentions nothing of a medical training, nor does she quote any reliable sources with some type of training in the related field. Advising people to drink Green tea is just one example of misleading information. I was told by many doctors, to stay away from caffeine, plus specifically green tea, even more so, when taking medication to treat the problem.

Lesson learned here: If you want alternative advice on aiding you in your illnesses, make sure you check the Authors credentials – people with knowledge in the alternative medical field can aid you tremendously, but not those who have no training, or “picked up” information as they went along. Your health depends on you to do the right thing, and research thoroughly.


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