Express Yourself - June

Use one adjective to describe yourself. A question that should be simple, in it’s first glance, but it isn’t. How you see yourself is essential to the creation, and realization of your dreams.

Do you define yourself by adjectives others have put upon you? Or have you chosen your own labels, embraced them, embodied them, and most importantly lived by them? I love the following adjectives as a choice to describe myself, because they empower, rather then limit.

Powerful – I am indeed powerful (and so are you). It takes strength to overcome, power to push through despite the odds, and determination to stick with what you believe in.

Weird – In opposition of normal, not bound by norms others put upon me (or you), calling oneself weird can be freeing – which leads to the feeling off being powerful (see above)

Fierce – it implies to me, that I am not someone who allows others to limit me. I define myself, and the word fierce embodies this. It also shows the ability to overcome fear, move beyond it, further myself, stretch until I am where and who I want to be, no matter what.

What words do you choose for yourself?

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