5 Things I loved About The Agents Of Shield Season Finale

Season Finale Review: Agents of Shield

Alright, I am a Marvel fan AND a Joss Whedon fan, so I like Agents of Shield, by default. But I really enjoyed the season finale, no matter how many people and critiques have torn it into pieces. In order to make this not the longest blog post ever, I contained myself to five reasons why I enjoyed the season finale.

Spoiler alert!

1. Grand Ward got his rear end kicked by May. It would have been fine, if Skye would have had the chance to beat him to a pulp, but that is not her character. May on the other hand did a fine job.

2. John Garett is dead. Thank you Coulson. He wont be missed, specially considering that he went completely mental – compared to being only half-way mental before, if there is such a thing.

3. Nick Fury! Always happy to see Samuel L. Jackson! Now we need a Robert Downey Jr. cameo next season. And maybe we could get a glimpse of Thor. Anyone? Please?

4. There is another secret base. Well, that is no surprise. How many of these secret, secret bases are there? Can anyone keep track of them all?

5. Agent Coulson is the new director. Deservedly. But now he is drawing weird stuff, on walls, carving is actually more accurate. And the weird stuff looks like alien language. Not good. Not exactly how you want the new director to act. Sounds like Season 2 will be interesting!

Did I mention that I absolutely loath the season breaks?

Happy watching!



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