Book Review: Vegan On The Cheap by Robin Robertson

Book Review: Vegan On The Cheap

Title: Vegan On The Cheap

Author: Robin Robertson

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

ISBN: 978-0-47–47224-8

Eating healthy is a priority in our home. Not wasting our resources is another. Consuming healthy meals while on a budget, without the use of imported and exotic additives is important to stay within our environmentally conscious mindset. “Vegan On The Cheap” is a book that can assist you in achieving just that. That is healthy eating without the guilt!¬†

Well written, easy to follow and pleasant recipes, in addition to time saving tips, make this book a treasure for those who eat an exclusively vegan diet, or who would like to reduce their meat intake, by adding some more healthy, non-meat meals to their families repertoire. Recipe ideas range from breakfast to dinner, snacks to salads, marked extensively to allow the reader to choose from budget friendly meals the entire family can enjoy. Added “cheap tricks” allow flexibility, while the recipes never make you feel like you are eating budget food. Consuming healthy foods does not always have to be expensive, and Robin Robertson proves this with this volume.

I highly recommend this book for anyone, vegan, vegetarian and health-conscious meat eaters alike!




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