The Endgame (TV-Show) Review

As more and more providers of streaming movies and shows develop their own content, as well as feature exclusive content, I found it interesting to explore some of those options. The Endgame – streaming exclusively on Hulu is one of these options I came across this week.

The Endgame (TV-Series) Review

The premise is interesting and promising: A middle aged Russian Chess Grand-master becomes the witness of the murder of his fiance. As a result, he develops Agoraphobia, a panic disorder that does dis-allows it sufferers to enter certain spaces, they perceive as dangerous, or in some cases leaves them stuck at home, as outside is the trigger for an attack. In the main character’s case, he is confined to a hotel building, unable to leave, but also unable to pay the luxuries accommodations. In order to make money, he takes a variety of cases, in which the police seem not be able or willing to help, all with the help of some hotel staff, a few friends and a genius mind.

I fell in the love with the show from its first episode. The main character, Arkady Balagan (played by Shawn Doyle) is witty, smart, self-centered, but with a trace of kindness and humanity, that allows the viewer to connect and emphasize with its plight. While he is trying to move on with his life, despite the condition he is in, he finds a way to build a world around himself, that reaches far beyond the confinements of this luxurious self-imposed prison. His bluntness raises eyebrows at times, but he always manages to not get too mean, or too personal, while at the same time getting to the core of each situation.

I am hoping that Hulu will produce more episodes of this show, which only last one season (13 shows). Check it out!

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