G Is For Gore


Horror Movies and books with well done plots and believable characters are enjoyable in their frightening way.
Horror done for the sake of gore, on the other hand are a turn off.

Well done horror, frightens us to the brink of jumping out of our skin, but even more so if the story makes us care about the fate of the character we are observing. Anything less then that, leaves us with the feeling of being grossed out, rather then entertained.
Most horror movies overlook that very important aspect of story telling.
Saw and all of it’s sequels is one of the culprits of this lack of character development, and over-emphasizing on the gross factor.

Saw is the definition of unnecessary and horribly created sick version of gore.

Now there is plenty of horror that is well done, usually it contains much psychological tension, as for example in the movie Gothika with Robert Downey Jr.
Here we do really get to know and care for the characters, rooting for their survival in the midst of a story that is rattled with twists and turns.
Let me share the trailer with you

While keeping all of the traditional elements of horror, Gothika allows the plot, rather then the gore, to carry the story.

What are your favorite horror movies?


3 thoughts on “G Is For Gore

  1. I enjoyed, Let the Right One In, with its strong story containing little gore used sparingly and with meaning. It’s interesting that the film chose to leave out the storyline from the book of Eli’s roomate coming back as a mutilated vampire that would have added more gross. Gore used appropriately and in the right amounts moves the story.

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