F Is For Film

Thanks to services such as Netflix, it is easy to catch up on those movies, that are enticing, but do not charm us enough, to warrant going to the movies to see them, or have no time to see. With the array of good and great releases that happen each year, one can only sift marginally through the masses.

In this post I will showcase a three of these movies, that I was not able to see in theater, but have seen recently at home.

Mission Impossible 3: Ghost Protocol.


This movie is everything you would expect from the genre of action movies, with spy elements. Gadgets, fast paced action, lots of global fighting, and beautiful people. MI 3 does it all well, without making the formula look cheesy and old. If you are looking for intellectual stimulation, don’t watch action movies. If you want escape at the grand scale, watch MI3. Jeremy Renner shows off his impressive fighting skills.  If there are plans for another MI movie, I hope they are allowing him to return.



I grew up on the traditional James Bond movies, but lost interest in them after Sean Connery has left the role. He was and still is the 007 in his purest form. That said, Daniel Greg embodied the role almost as well, revising its traditional feel and flair, even if darker and with a lot less skin. Bringing in some new facets of the business of spying while relying on the traditional methods of combat as well, Skyfall is a typical James Bond at its best, including the over the top performances of the main villian. An enjoyable movie, and a great introduction to the subject matter for anyone who has grown up after the traditional James Bond of Sean Connery.

Man of Steel


I was exited to see, that Christopher Nolan brought forth a Superman movie. I am not a fan of Superman, but his direction tends to take on a darker, fresh look at the subject matter, which makes this part of this super hero a up to date, intense film.
It has a Rambo First Blood kind of feel, the misunderstood outcast with the skills to hurt others, but not wanting to do so, looking only for some peace and quiet in a world he did not choose to live in.
The movie also brings a more in depth look at his origin story, making his parents real to the viewer, not just the mere vehicle to get him from his own planet to ours.
I am deeply impressed by this rendering of the DC Comic superhero, the cast chosen wisely, from Superman’s biological father, played by Russel Crow, and his Earth father, played by Kevin Costner.

It is nice to see the development of movies made from comics, who used to be not taken as seriously as they are  now. First rate directors, not only for DC comics on the big screen, but also on the television via Arrow, has left me to look forward to more.

But of course, DC has to keep up with its competition Marvel, who has created the incredibly well done movies in the genre as of late and a wonderful new addition to the television screen, with “Agents of Shield”.

14 thoughts on “F Is For Film

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  10. We get attached to comparison, don’t we? I like Skyfall and the actor who plays Bond. The darker versions of Batman, cheer. So much more depth. Now I want to rewatch Riddick.

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