E Is For Expressing Yourself

Art – the ultimate self-expression.


I need art as much as I need to breath air. While not everyone shares the same experience when looking at a piece of any type of art, it connects in its separation, unifying us by describing the emotions that make us human. Art is excellence, our unique way of allowing the best and the worst of us, to become masterpieces for all to see.

When I speak of art, many I know are seeing the traditional means of artistic expression in their mind’s eye. To me art extends beyond the visual (through painting, sculptures, photography and cinema), the audible (music), and the written word.

Artistic expression lays within the covers of a comic book, as well as the visual renderings of video game. It is evident in the beauty of a piece of fashion, and in the shaping of a garden to its full potential.

Titanfall - Concept Art

Titanfall – Concept Art

I consider myself an Art-Lover. I grew up in a city full of museums – anything from modern art, to the one with ties to a long ago history.

"Neues Museum Nuernberg" Museum of Modern Art Nuernberg, Germany

“Neues Museum Nuernberg” Museum of Modern Art Nuernberg, Germany

Art, not just as visual in paintings where a large part of my childhood, but also the many concerts seen  that were given in the old churches and buildings.

German National Museum, Nuernberg, Courtyard

German National Museum, Nuernberg, Courtyard

I emerged myself in the art form of cinema every chance I had, befriended people at the theater, to see those movies whom I was not supposed to see. Germany has a very strict policy on violence in movies, or at least it had during my childhood, so even those rated R where missing some of the most violent scenes. I did not care.

And then there were the books. An immense library, and the largest bookstores became my second home. Not just for me, but also for my daughter, before we moved back to the US.

Now I am eternally grateful to make art, in its expression of writing,  my profession, AND  that it is a gift I can give to my children. Both of my children are aspiring to enter the arts, and that makes my heart sing.

What types of art do you emerge yourself into?




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