D Is For Daily Post – A Flash Fiction


A to Z Challenge Blog Post

“I liked the idea of using a blog hop for hunting. I don’t think anyone else has ever come up with this thought, but hey, there are worse ways to find someone to kill.

Pretty convenient actually, you guys would be surprised on how many details people share about themselves on those things. That’s how I found them. I talked to them, befriended them, shared thought on that thing called “Daily Posts”. They will post anything. from their background story to the view out of the back window. And then I went and found them.

One by one, playing first a little with them, allowing them to get a glimpse of me, just enough to scare them a little, to make them jumpy.

It makes their heart beat faster.

And it made my excitement grow stronger.

A little blond was my first kill. She liked books, logged in every time she went to a book store, or a library, sometimes the movies. It was really easy to find her. Especially when you have my kind of financial resources.

The next two where twins, you found their bodies already. Pretty red heads with a love for gardening. Their blog was actually kind of interesting. I learned lot about roses from them.

Would you ever thought that a food blogger would enjoy wood work as well? She gave me a fight, that brown-eyed little thing. I will have a scar because of her. I only regret I have not gone to all of the restaurants she suggested. LA is a food lovers paradise. She was right about that. ”

Putting the pen down onto the barren metal table in front of him, he pushed the pad of paper toward the homicide detective in front of him, his handcuffs rattling softly. “Anything else, you need me to write down, Detective Marshall? Do I need to write something else on there, like a closing statement?”

“No, you’re good.”, Marshall sighed. “That’s quite enough. Your lawyer will be here shortly.”

The killer smiled satisfied at the detective, with the short brown hair, and the pretty hazel eyes. “One question, though. Do you blog?”


13 thoughts on “D Is For Daily Post – A Flash Fiction

  1. That is scary how much information we put out ‘there’ voluntarily. I hope nobody catches me. Great story. I’ve just started watching Agents of Shield with Coulson as well, great series if you accept it in the vein it is intended.
    Following from A-Z

    • That is exactly what I was trying to point out – the questions we are asked for the Daily Prompt by WordPress, and that some are so open to anser reveal so much, if we let it. Nothing against sharing, as long as it is done consciously, and with some guard in place.
      Glad you enjoyed Agents of Shield, I am such a Marvel geek, that I just have to watch it. Thanks for stopping by, hon – hugs!

  2. This reminds me of some show I just happened to catch (I can’t recall what it was, I so rarely watch TV). One of the hosts checked out several people’s FB pages and then, when he “happened upon them” on the street he started chatting with them and telling them all about their lives. It freaked them out of course. Makes you wonder why in the world people don’t think before they post, especially those who post “I am here with so-and-so” on FB.
    Great spooky story Claudia!

    • thank you Deanna. Yes, I have come across many who are very open about their information and private lives on social media, and worse, about their children’s lives. It is dangerous, and if I can come up with it, someone with more sinister intentions will have already had that thought. Have a wonderful weekend!

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