Book Review: Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2: The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton


Title: Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2: The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton

Publisher: Premier Digital Publishing

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Release Date: May 20th 2014

Rating: 5/5

An interesting collection of short stories and a few poems of the late Andre Norton.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this volume of short stories, and realized I have never read anything by this prolific Author. While short stories collections are usually not my favorite subject to conquer, her stories, are as engaging and complete as any fantasy or paranormal novel out there. Her characters are filled with depth, the individual plots are engaging and are neither weight down with too much background story, nor lacking in detail, which is a difficult feast in the realm of smaller space.

The love for fantasy oozes through each individual short, some traditional, some are not. My favorite two stories are unlike each other.

The first story “Swamp Dweller” is a more traditional fantasy story, that is engaging and fast paced, while the other favorite is called “The Silent One” and has a paranormal feel to it and set in a contemporary surrounding. Both stories have women strong women at their center, which was also a surprise to me, considering that some of these stories have been written during a time, where damsel in distress stories where more common then not.

This book is the second volume of the Tales from High Hallack, and after reading it, I will have to add volume One to my collection as well.

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