Will High Quality Shows Be Cancelled? How Air Time Can Hurt New Shows


This season brought many high quality television shows – some new, some old. In the war for ratings however, air time has become a mayor downfall for some.

Monday nights are dominated by two shows with an devoted audience: The Following on Fox, and The Blacklist on NBC.

Tuesday nights are in the tight hands of NCIS, and it’s spinoff, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Any other television show running at the same time, then these rating giants has no chance, specifically new shows like Monday nights gem “Intelligence” and Tuesday Nights Marvel creation “Agents of Shield”.

Both shows are well worth watching. Intelligence in particular brings a inovative story line, in combination with great acting and witty dialogue. Lost behind the drama, that I consider one of the best shows on television in recent years, “The Blacklist”, it has barely a chance to gain ground. Add to this, that another very well written show with cult like following, “Castle”, airs also in the same time slot, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Which will most likely mean the end of a great show, before it even had a chance to gain any ground.

“Agents of Shield” has an advantage in this war, that is waging on Tuesday night. There is only one show in the same time slot, the unbeatable “NCIS”, and it has the pull of the large name Marvel, and a large movie franchise behind them. This show will be a lot harder to write off, then “Intelligence”, with no backing of such kind.

What I do not understand is, that for Thursday and Friday nights, no large name shows are in air, exept reality shows, and game shows that would stand aside to any good drama, mixed with a few mediocre comedies.

Maybe the executives behind the scenes, who keep on trying to feed us more and more versions of singing competitions, rather then allow good story telling to shine, will find a way to change the time slot of these two shows, and give them another chance. It would be a shame to destroy another good show, because of scheduling mistakes.

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