Book Review: Beneath The Veil by Megan Hart



Title: Beneath The Veil

Author: Megan Hart

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Publisher: CreateSpace (Independently Published)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Sometimes I have to break my own rules. With this book, I broke three. I usually do not review books that are not newly published, nor do I review books that are self-published, and lastly I really do not like to review books that are written in first person. And then I ran across “Beneath The Veil” and I was hooked.

Beneath the Veil is an intriguing story about a young person who, raised in a society where women have no worth, was born a girl, but raised a boy, to protect her from a life of abuse, slavery, and lack of the even most basic human rights. Set in a fantasy world, but not too far disconnected from the reality of what some countries in the middle east subject their women to, this is a story of a woman finding her place, and her strength, learning to fight for what is right, while finding unlikely allies.

Well crafted from the beginning, with characters that are easy to fall in love with, Megan Hart seduces us into this world of discrimination and male privilege. It touches on the serious subjects of history being changed by the victor, and the use of religious text to suppress the rights of a group of people, who’s only fault was to be born a gender, valued as less.

But it is also a story of hope, a story of uprising, of finding not only ones own strength, but what can happen if people stand together to right a wrong. It is emotional at times, harsh at others. And within it, it does not forget the matters of the heart, that as in real life, tends to complicate things, rather than make them easier.

Beneath the Veil is a must read for those who like books that push boundaries. It is speculative, but beautiful, fast paced, and raw. A well crafted tale, I highly recommend.

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