Music – A Flash Fiction

Piano Man Yoongi by kharys
Piano Man Yoongi by kharys
from: Redbubble 

She could not walk by the piano without seeing him there, as he was, young vibrant full of life.
Her fingers caressing the keys, HIS keys, without making a sound, closing her eyes, she wept silently.
In the silence of the room, her breathing was larger than life. The old, grandfather clock in the corner of the large room echoed its booming voice across the empty space, empty because void of him.
Love might not have lasted long, their time together merely five years, but the intensity of those five short years took her breath away.
Every nuance of his voice forever edged into her mind and heart, the same heart that was breaking now, longing for his touch so much that she felt crushed by the weight of the finality of today.
The most beautiful funeral one has ever seen, her friends gently offered. He appreciated you with all of his heart, her mother remembered.
At that moment, she had wanted them all to just shut up. But now, in front of the grand piano in their living room, the silence was too much to bare.
Walking over the stereo, placing one of the CD’s filled with his voice and his music in the player, she waited until the sound of his voice filled the empty space he left when his life was taken by cancer so suddenly.

Even now, he made her smile through the tears, expressing his love for her, despite the fact that she shared the music with his fans, who today were grieving too.
Hugging his favorite pillow, singing along with his words, she sank into his chair and once again closed her eyes to say goodbye.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post is written for Friday Flash and for Daily Prompt

“Flashes Of Light” my flash fiction collection will be available on Amazon in June 2016


19 thoughts on “Music – A Flash Fiction

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  11. Hitting a little too close to home, this one. Her “piano” is my “city”; full of him, void of him.
    *bit of crit*: ‘whom today were grieving’ should be ‘who’…

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  13. Nicely penned. The ending in particular is quite beautiful, as she immerses herself in his voice and music, another way to say goodbye, and another way to keep him close, to stay with him.

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