Rules on Book Reviews


Reviewing a book is a privilege, specifically when a particular book has not even being published, and both the Author and the Publisher are trusting you in getting a honest, reliable opinion on a piece of work that took months to create, and months to plan to be released.

So to be clear I wanted to create a post on my reviewing process. I have a few rules I created for myself, which you the reader and the Author of whom’s precious child I am holding in my hands (or covet via computer) can count on.


  • I do not review self-published books for the most part. If you are a great writer, with persistence you will find an agent and/or a publisher. Some publishing companies make it really easy and allow you to pitch them via their submission forms. No agents needed. Self-published novels are rarely polished, and I review two books a week on average, I have to set a limit somewhere.


  • If the book bores me, I will not finish it, but I also will not write a review. I will only write a review on books I actually read from the beginning to the end. On the other hand I am not willing to suffer through boring content. So we part ways. And no I will not share the list of books that bored me that much. (That rule applies for fiction only)


  • I will read all non-fiction to the end, even if the book is less then favorable. Non-fiction that I pick up are related to something I am interested in, may it be cooking, parenting, homeschooling, my faith, or self-help. Those books are not here to entertain but to inform, therefore if I choose to accept a non-fiction work, I will finish it, and review honestly. Which leads to my more colorful and negative reviews at times, but hey, not every non-fiction book is a gem.


  • If I loved a book I will try to contact the Author about the review through some aspect of social media. My dear fellow Authors, please have twitter, Facebook or some kind of social media link on your webpages, so we can find you, and tell you have great you are. You can use the review to brag. If you’ve done well, you should.  It’s your baby, be proud.


  • I do not get paid for reviews. I do not have to pay for the books, and I love to read. It adds content to this blog. It leads to interesting conversation. That is good enough. And while you here, you can read some of the flash fiction that I write. Win, win.


  • If you are an Author and not self-published and you want me to read your book – before it is released, or within the first 4 months after its release (sorry, I am trying to create up to date content here), leave me a comment, and I will be happy to consider your creation.


Books I do not review:

  • historical fiction
  • erotica
  • young adult
  • business related books (unless they specifically relate to making money off blogging)
  • Christian fiction (I am Pagan, nothing against my Christian brother’s and sisters)

Books I love to review:

  • suspense/thriller
  • horror/dark fantasy
  • paranormal fiction
  • screenplays
  • children’s non-fiction
  • homeschool related books (preferably secular – I review these on my Pagan/Spiritual blog)
  • vegan cook books
  • some romance
  • self-help books (I review these on my Pagan/Spiritual blog)
  • books about magickal principles (I review these on my Pagan/Spiritual blog)

Wishing you a wonderful week of reading and writing (and watching some of the particularly wonderful TV shows that are currently in season)

Be blessed!


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