The Dentist – A Flash Fiction Horror

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The excruciating agony shot through my mouth and echoed in every nerve ending of my body. The sadistic smile behind the mask, deepened as he looked upon me, observing my pain as if to study it, revel in it.
“I know, I know”, he uttered gently. “The depth of pain is incredible, isn’t it? Teeth seem so lifeless so disconnected from the ability to feel anything until we get to the root of things.”
He held another device above my head, that looked larger, menacingly large into my sight. I wiggled my hands and feet, but bound tightly, I could not escape his madness.
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He had made sure of that.

“This, my dear, this little tool is strong enough to break a jaw bone. It is useful when one wants to reshape a face for plastic surgery, not that we have to worry about that, I know. No, you are going to experience its full power, that is, as long as you can stand the pain.” He chuckled.
“Aren’t you glad you came to my new office? As I told you earlier, I am the most thorough practitioners of my kind. You’ll see.”

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

My flash fiction collection “Flashes of Light” will be available on Amazon June 2016 via Kindle!

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