Hits and Misses – Blogging Nightmares

Successful blogging – we all attempt it, some of us reach it – and there are the rest of us, me included. I have started with high hopes and dreams about what would be like to run a well traveled blog, and while I still hold onto those hopes, I have also discovered the little icky lurking beasts that somehow managed to move themselves from my more serious writing (with that I mean the stuff I am hoping to actually sell one day and make a living from) to here. You know those critters by their ugly names – Procrastination, Distraction, Writer’s Blog, and yeah, Life. 

Never put off until tomorrow, what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well – Mark Twain

I made plans, lists, goals, calendars, heck I watched Tony Robbins for crying out loud. Digging through the masses of examples and tips of how to make a blog more efficient, left me with a pile of things I should be reading – instead of watching the newest episode of NCIS, or get my Geek on with Agents of Shield. 

So it boils down to this – commitment. Am I really ready to commit myself to the task? I say yes, and while I am sure I will not say good bye to the friends I have named above – you remember them – I am saying “see you another day” and go on with this blog, with learning the craft, and publishing this darn novel if it the last thing I’ll do. 

Talk to you guys later – I got to shopping for headphones.



And Action! The Show Must Go On

We are a family of creative people, of artists, who need an outlet of some form or another to not go stir crazy. Creating is in our blood, so today’s daily prompt question made me smile:

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRITY.

Ah, the movies – the beauty and artistic expression of cinema! I spent many hours of my childhood within the confinements of a movie theater, which took me out of the bounds of a rather harsh childhood and transformed my life into something magical.

I still love the movies, the small artistic pieces as well as the big productions such as anything created by Marvel (so sue me, I am a Geek). It is not to my surprise that my daughter is two years away from embarking on a journey to study Film and a son who wants  to study Video Game creating, and song writing. My husband is itching for the day when my writing will make enough money for him to hand over our business to someone else, and he can devote his time to artistic photography. So, like I said, art is in our blood, it is who we are with every inch of our being.

But which role would I take within a movie, if I could not be the writer? Well maybe, in the midst of writing scripts, I will be one day as lucky as one of my personal heroes Joss Whedon and be able to direct, not just write cinema. I have no need to be in front of the camera, but I have to be in the middle of it, get my hands dirty, put together the pieces that make the stories come from paper to the wondrous creations I have been so lucky to see.

Maybe one day, one of you will be watching one of these movies, with my name at the end of the credits. If not, that is okay too, because writing is, and always will be my first and biggest artistic love. But it would the icing on the cake.

See you in Hollywood