Book Review: ” Deadly Beginnings” by Jaycee Clark


Deadly Beginnings by J(something)
Genre: Romance (adult)
Release Date: January 24th 2014
Ratings: 4/5
A suspenseful romance with strong characters, and an interesting story line, that keeps readers involved. The two main characters in this story are very likable and relate-able, with interesting back ground stories, specifically when it comes to the female main character. While the details are very well thought out, this novel gets the feeling of being rushed, as the writer is trying to get in as much information on the female protagonists background, without exploring it too much, making the story feel a little choppy at times.
The main focus of the story – the relationship between the two lovers – is intense, and without giving too much away, complicated by insisting ex-fiance, who like a bad nightmare, just keeps on staying around for another repeat performance. You have to admire his determination, but he does come across as a one dimensional bad guy, which makes you wonder how anyone could fall for him in the first place.
Overall this novel was entertaining and delivered everything a romance novel should, a steamy relationship, hard times, personal growth, and a happy ending. I had fun reading this book, and recommend it highly to those who love this type of suspenseful romance.

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