Book Review: “Hearts Of Chaos” by Kira Brady


Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady
Release Date: March 4th 2014
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

This book was my introduction to Kira Brady and the Deathglass Series, and I was pleasantly surprised. This novel is a quest story, that centers around the two main characters, Lady Lucia and Emory Corbette, and their attempt to save their world from being destroyed by a fierce enemy with malevolent powers, pulling the reader into the web of detailed and breathless activity from the first page, and does not slow down in pace until the release of the very end.
While the book is more explicit in love making details , and therefore not a story I would recommend for someone who is not ready to read about the physical connection between some of the characters, those details are not distracting enough from the motion of the story or the romance and emotional involvement of those people, to turn it into a parody or worse.
Weaving tales of Goddesses, using mythology and creation stories, and describing mystical powers made me turn the pages rather quickly, leaving me spell bound, and surprised. It is hard to find such a elaborate, yet believable plot that can balance the magical side with the human one – even if the characters are not necessarily human, but dealing with all to familiar emotions and conflicts.
A book with a strong female lead, who grows into her own, Kira managed to balance Lady Lucia’s growth with the male main characters development, by allowing him to learn lessons about leading with the heart.
A great novel, that I highly recommend. In fact, I am looking forward to downloading the rest of the trilogy onto my kindle reader soon, and hope you will too.

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