A Second Chance – A Friday Flash Story


Her heart pounded at the desolate sight in front of her. Nothing was like she remembered, nothing, yet this now unfamiliar place, held within it the most important memories of her life.

“You do remember?”

“Of course, how could I ever forget?” She turned her head toward the man in front of her.

He was shadow of the man he once was. Thin and frail, cancer eating away from the once hard and strong body that held her in his arms, his power and life-force so strong, that it used to scare her sometimes. He could have done anything he wanted to her, the small framed woman, that got his youthful attention. Instead he chose to love her.

And that had scared her even more, so much more that she had run away until today.

“Nothing is what it used to be.”

Even his voice was broken, and it tore her apart. Oh, the chances of love she missed by leaving him. Now, dying, their time was not enough to make up for the lost moments. Her fear had destroyed that chance. She would do anything to be able to turn back time. To make another decision.

“I should never have left you.”

He smiled, pulling her closer, his arms wrapping around her, as loving and gentle as they used to.

“It does not matter. You are here now.”


Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014


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