Celebrate The Small Things – And Not So Small Things

This year is flying by like crazy already! I can hardly believe that I have not posted one “Celebrate The Small Things” – post since last year – that is before I switched over here to WordPress (which was one hell of a wise decision), so of course there is a lot to celebrate! And thank you to Cathrina Constantine who’s post reminded me to better get to it. So here I go! 


1. Writing

Well I am always writing, but I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I am finally unstuck from a pretty crazy plot problem in my novel. While I might have to start all over again (yes the changes are that dramatic, but necessary to ensure continuity within the series), I know everything will flow better, because it just makes more sense for my characters. And I do find that essential. Characters actions and responses have to be organic to who they are as a person. Okay, I did make them up, but they are still people. People react differently because of their back-story, it has to make sense, or it will kill the book.

And I am published again! Three new articles related to children’s health care, another about writing, and in the last I honor the Maiden, Mother and Crone within us all.

2. Organic Delivery

Yup, you heard right, I am going to have myself some organic fruits and vegetables delivered to the house, and will (of course) write about – you should have seen that one coming. Well, our local grocery store is all nice but I prefer to eat locally, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to receive all that without having to leave my desk! I am super-exited! Yay! 

3. Business

Our truck (and with that I mean tractor-trailer, not pickup) is finally fixed and ready to roll again. Man did we have problems with our rigs, first the older one broke down (and subsequently we returned it to the dealer, as they sold us a defective piece of equipment), and now our brand new truck broke down – thank the Gods for warranties. So it is working again, and hubby is picking it up on Monday from the shop. We might be temporarily down to one, but that will change soon again as well.

4. My Faith

Well, guess what, it is also writing related, but, oh well, I would not want to have it any other way. I am conducting Spotlight Interviews for my Tradition, and with that get to talk to quite a few interesting people that are prominent in the Pagan community. It is fun to get to hear the stories about the different and very personal practices of Clergy. Even if you are not Pagan, you would find their insights interesting and relatable. 

So that is my little corner of celebration for this week. What are you celebrating?



3 thoughts on “Celebrate The Small Things – And Not So Small Things

  1. Yay for publishing articles and fixing plot problems! Good luck on organic foods and a fixed truck. Have a great week! 🙂

  2. I’m sure the organic foods will be delicious. And good for you, unsticking the plot issue. That’s definitely worth celebrating. As are the articles you’ve published. What a great week you’ve had!

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