The Portal – A Friday Flash Fantasy

Today’s Flash Fiction is based on the following picture prompt from


The Portal

“No, John. No, don’t.” The panic in her voice was as deep as the forest was vast.
“It’s okay, it really is safe.”
“I am not going through there.”
“A little late for that, or do you want to wait here in the middle of nowhere until tomorrow?”
She looked around, the imposing trees throwing darker shadows already, as the afternoon began to make space for evening.
Sighing she looked at her brother. “Okay no, I don’t.”
“It will be fun, I promise. There is really nothing to worry about.”
“You have done this plenty of times?”
“Six times, not including this trip. Nothing happened. I walked along the shoreline, collecting samples.”
Ellena remembered the collection of jars and baggies that cluttered his desk, leaving no space for anything else but his discoveries, the contents looking harmless, even if unfamiliar, in color and structure.
Taking a deep breath, she leaned back into the seat of their car, adjusting her dress to cover her knees, like any proper lady would.
The Portal through the tree was large and frightening, but a ray of sunlight engulfed the area, with such depth, calming her somewhat. How could anything this pretty be dangerous?
“Well then lets go. Time to see that new dimension of yours.”

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us to write about Heroes of our past – particularly at 5 years of age.

This is my interpretation:


I release the heroes of my past
as I make space – future at last!
Letting go of yesterday
Releases me to say
That my choices I now make
create what I want, my now at stake.


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