The Truck Stop – A Friday Flash Horror Story



He loved the independent Truckers. The owner operators who spend most of their time in their vehicles, just to make payments, always moving, always going somewhere, staying just long enough to eat, and talk to a human being face to face.

They were one with their vehicles, some in better shape then others, more often then not decked with a custom paint job, or extra chrome. Men and some women who had a closer relationship with the big rig then with any person in the world.


He paid close attention when they came into his establishments, making sure they had all the conveniences that the best truck stops had to offer.

 High quality coffee, filling hot meal, that did not rob them blind, and a small but well stocked store, offering even more items to deck out their special vehicles.

In fact, his place was so welcoming that most stayed a few extra minutes, just to take in all the extras they were not used to.

And he was always there, ready to listen, trade the newest jokes right along road conditions. He was well liked.


Everyone trusted Glenn.


Glenn smiled, waved and waited. The best trucks, the nicest rigs, those well taken care off despite the harsh conditions, where his favorites and his opportunity.


He was quick, taking care of the truckers in the bathrooms, or the small rooms set aside for the internet,or  the others for video games.

He was never messy, knew how to handle the biggest guys with ease. Never leaving a sign, nothing amiss, no body to discover.

He was efficient.


Another truck to add to is collection.


Practice made perfect.


Glancing out of the darkened office window, his smile depend, as he saw a brand new, spotless white Volvo VNL 780 approaching.


Time to make some coffee.

8 thoughts on “The Truck Stop – A Friday Flash Horror Story

  1. Such a nice chap! He’ll only steal everything from you. A small price.

    Heads up – there may be something off with your spacing. Some paragraphs had one space between them, while others have three or four.

  2. I love stories that hide a creepy undercurrent beneath respectability. Ones that make you look at innocent places and wonder what murders could be hidden nearby. Very nicely done :).

  3. I don’t think I like Glenn much, but I do envy his collection of trucks, I’ve seen many with outstanding custom paint jobs, themes like Shrek, LOTR, Star Wars, and they certainly have a jaw-dropping wow factor.

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