Progress – A Daily Prompt Post


Today’s Prompt is:

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Oh, that is something I have actually been contemplating – progress – how to move forward and create the end results I have been working so hard on.

Next year, I will have a link to my published trilogy on the blog, as well as my Short Story collection (it already has a title “How To Train A Cat And Other Impossibilities”). I will have gained so many beautiful friends from this blog roll – some of which I have already met, and we meet on each others blogs on a regular basis. It will be filled with useful information, entertaining stories, laughter and my favorites, dark fantasy and horror.

It will be a place to find a quick escape via my flash fiction. It will be uplifting at times, spiked with the occasional motivation, because that is who I am.

It will be a place where the worries of your day won’t find you, and where a hug and a virtual cup of coffee is available to everyone who wants and needs it.

That to me would be progress!

17 thoughts on “Progress – A Daily Prompt Post

    • Thank you hon – I just added a page to this “new” blog, so everyone can read some of the flash fiction I have already published on the “old” blog – thank you so much for the follow – have a wonderful day!

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