Daily Prompt – Bewitched – A Flash Fiction Fantasy

Bewitched – A Flash Fiction Fantasy

New Year’s Day brings the opportunity for new adventures. This new year, one of my new adventures is to participate in the daily blog post challenge from the Daily Post. Another is to move my writing blog from there to here!

Every day The Daily Prompt will post a writing prompt, and I will try my best to participate in as many of these posts as sanely possible. The following is a Flash Fiction Fantasy based on the first prompt:


Teresa awoke with a tingling sensation in her hand, and a hunger in her belly.
Why in the world was she so hungry? Contemplating the large bowl of ice cream she ate just before going to bed, she should have felt a little more satisfied. After all, the last few days of holiday feasting usually led to the opposite, a deep seated feeling of overstuffed-ness, with a hint of nausea.

None of that appeared today.
Shoving her husbands arm gently off her waist, and stomach growling loudly, she stepped into the kitchen, managing despite her half-closed eyes  not to knock over any of the many residues of the New Year’s Party.
Grabbing for her kitty mug, filling it with stale coffee from the day before, but to hungry to care, she expected to place it in the old, loud microwave.
Instead, the tingling in her hand grew immediately stronger, engulfing her entire palm. The heat in her hand was comfortable but strange, powerful but not at all painful, as she watched the coffee in the kitty mug warm enough to allow gently wisps of steam to escape.
Bringing the coffee to her lips, her eyes now wide open with a mixture of awe and giddiness, she tasted some of the brew, and chuckled.
Not too hot, not too cold, heated to perfection.
“Cool“, she whispered, eager to try this again, and painfully aware of the grumbling in her stomach, she went to the freezer to crap a microwave-ready hamburger. Unwrapping it with an eagerness she had not felt since her childhood Christmas mornings, she placed the food on a plate, and her hand over it.
Again, the tingling grew to its comfortable power, gently heating the contents of the plate faster then the microwave on their kitchen counter had ever been able to.
With a sigh of happiness, Teresa took a bite of the hamburger and smiled a meaty smile, swallowing.
Taking the few steps back through their tiny apartment she yelled at her half sleeping husband.
“Hey Sweetie, John, wake up! You are so not going to believe this!”Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Bewitched – A Flash Fiction Fantasy

  1. I love it! Fantastic job!!! 😀 I can’t wait till you write a continuation of this. If you plan on it anyways. 🙂 I think it’ll be great. 🙂 Maybe her husband finds her as more of an experiment now and turns her into a science experiment. Using her powers for his own personal gain as a scientist?

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